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Hi, we are RISEL - international team of experts in real estate for investing, living and vacationing.

Most of us have encountered numerous problems in dealing with real estate agencies as a client, employee or partner, from hidden fees and poor quality of service to complete incompetence and indifference.

At the same time, we have also met professionals with whom we have successfully closed deals without feeling stressed, wasting time and money. Each problem we went through together became a step towards understanding how an “ideal agency” should work, and especially how each of its employees should work.

It became clear to us that by bringing together in one place the best real estate experts in all of Europe that we had ever worked with, we could create something special. This is how the idea of RISEL was born – an agency that would solve all the challenges we had ever faced before.

We focused on quality of service and professionalism. In our understanding, the success of an agency is determined not by loud advertising campaigns, but by the ability to know the market deeply, to understand the needs of each client and to find individual solutions.

The story of RISEL is the story of our passion for real estate and our desire to transform the industry, making it more human, responsible and client-oriented. We are proud that RISEL has become a symbol of integrity and high standards in the world of real estate, and we continue to work every day to ensure that our clients can find not just a home, but a place where they can make their dreams come true.

Our company brings together highly qualified investors, analysts, real estate agents, developers, designers and lawyers with over 8 years of successful experience in the Spanish real estate market and beyond.

The process of working with RISEL is simple safe  efficient

2. Consult & Offer

We consult and create a customized offer without commission for the client

3. Deal

We fully manage the deal

Banking and legal support

Obtaining NIE, opening an account, assistance in depositing funds into the account, conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement

Provision of additional services

Property management for rent, obtaining a residence permit or Golden visa

Informational after-sales support

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